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the other way around.
If you only see the Doctor and Rose kissing, shhhh just let it happen.
Mostly DW.
In the past, Shaman King and Umineko.

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      a bit late cause when am I not but HAPPY 43TH BIRTHDAY, YOU BEAUTIFUL DORK! please keep being the brilliant and kind inspiration you’ve been to me and so many others!
      …even if your face is the hardest to draw ever

Describe my art style to me


I dont usually do these, but im pretty curious, considering I have difficulty describing/defining my own style.

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trustingsam: I followed you because of your little picture-fight before the 50th, I think? when you drew up what could happen? & yeah, basically I really, really enjoy all the Doctor&Rose art because i) OTP and ii) your art is so, so amazingly good and iii) you are a really cute person c:


ooh! was it the one where all these awesome folks drew on top of one another and became kickass 50th spectacular all thanks to wonderful huntart? :D thank you so much XD Doctor x Rose all the way!

you know those moments where everything goes to crap and all you wanna do is get out? it’s in those moments I remember Ten makes me happy. so, quicky doodle, no ref. the hand is ugly, he’s probably too long and maybe the head isn’t proportionally correct, but fuck it, I just wanted to draw him having an icecream on some fair of sorts. 

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*muffled 6-hour screaming in the background*